Monday, December 14, 2009

Playing in the Permafrost Tunnel

High today: -4 F
Low today: -13 F
I headed up to the Permafrost tunnel today to "assist" someone doing a photography project. In other words, you have to have someone in the tunnel with you for safety protocol, so I accompanied the photographer to make sure if the place caved in, I could use my superpowers to save him. :-) Riiight. In other words, free access to a cool place!!! You can't just walk up to it and get in, so it was pretty cool.
Yum frozen dirt. It smells like..... well, dirt inside!
This tree stump is lodged into the dirt and is tens of thousands of years old.
It was like being underneath a dirty glacier in parts, with pieces of shrubbery all over the place.
Protect your noggin'!

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brittany said...

So jealous! I've always wanted to go in the permafrost tunnel. Who was the photographer you accompanied? I'd love to see the images captured. It's special place.