Monday, August 16, 2010

Mt. Prindle!

Spent a picture-perfect weekend in Interior Alaska hiking up in the White Mountains at Mt. Prindle! It was my first time up here, and a trip that has been on my list of "things to do" (which is excessively long and growing with time) for a few years after I was told "you'd love it up there!" You were right, I DID love it up there!
There are a few small stream crossing at the beginning of the trail, which I have heard can become swelled and swift with excessive rain. Luckily for us, rain, nor the threat of rain, was an issue whatsoever!
There was a trail for a short time, but shortly after we ended up in a boulder route through the valley.
The going was easy through the valley even though we lost whatever social trail there was, if there was one.
Then, the ascent! The ascent was pretty gradual, but upon coming up to the first ridge, there was a lot of descent and ascent still left to get to Mt. Prindle.
The weather was perfect, and there was a nice breeze that kept ALL OF THE BUGS AWAY! I could not grasp the concept of backpacking in Alaska in 80-85 degree temperatures at 4000 feet with NO BUGS. So rad!
Up on the ridgeline, we manuevered around these big giant tors, which are a part of "some of the best rock climbing in the Interior". I for one, have NO interest in hauling rope and climbing gear in a pack up to this spot. Good for those who think it's worth it. ;)
After our slow start out of Fairbanks that afternoon, Brian, Cana and I managed to make it to the top with enough sunlight left to descend to a campsite down the ridge aways.
The fading sun gave an incredible illumination of our surrounding mountains.
Cana, above, exemplifies how we all felt at the end of the day.
I have never fallen asleep outside of my tent in Alaska until this trip. The tent was an unnecessary 5lbs to carry, but neither of us expected a bug-free trip. It was a picture perfect weekend!

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Jennifer said...

Looks beautiful Julie! Maybe you'll want to go back next summer....