Saturday, March 8, 2008

I Gotta Say, Today Was a Good Day

High today: 38
Low today: 20

Well today started out like any ordinary Saturday, dragging myself out of bed at 10am trying not to waste the day. I really wanted to go somewhere or do something today but couldn't seem to find anyone willing to explore. I was ready to gear up for a long bike ride but got a hold of Josh and Deb who were ready for an excuse to not do their laundry. We headed up to Angel Rocks to go on a nice little hike - perfect place to be entertained by two geologists. It was an absolutely beautiful, warm day. The planning was all a bit last minute (which is always the best!) but we brought our swimsuits figuring we might want to go to the hot springs while we were all the way up there. We had dinner in this awesome small-town Alaska lodge then headed to the hot springs for a soak. As soon as we parked, we all looked up and there was the aurora!! It was only a pale green that started out as an arc. I had a funny feeling it would be a spectacular night for it and was absolutely thrilled to be at the hot springs when the lights were out. People come from all over the world to go to the springs in search of the aurora. We just so happened to go up there today. After we decided we had enough of the hot water, we changed and went outside to head back to the car and WHOOOOOOOSH - there went some crazy crazy lights across the sky. They were pulsing across the sky, dancing like a madman - green, pink, purple, white, orange. Everyone who worked at the hot springs was coming out to see the lights and "oo-ing" and "ahh-ing" over them. It was so much fun and spectacular. Everyone said they haven't seen them like that all winter. I was very very happy to be up there away from city lights when this all happened. The ENTIRE sky just lit up and went on for a long time. We eventually decided to head out but Josh was nice enough to offer to drive the 60 miles back home for me so I could watch the lights and not be focused on the road. It was amazing just watching the lights do their thing the entire way back to town.

Here's a few more pictures from the hike and hot springs - here's the North Fork Chena River We did an awful lot of random climbing on rocks. I'm not huge on the rock climbing thing but I like the not so steep ones.Wait.. season check! This is March...
This is July at the same spot. :-)Back to today.. keep in mind these pictures were taken with my point 'n shoot camera and not the fancy-schmancy one I had last weekend. So being that they came out, they can't do any justice for what was actually going on.Here's the above picture when I do an "auto adjust" in Macromedia Fireworks..

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