Friday, March 28, 2008

Arrival of the Pennsylvanian Scientists

High today: 27
Low today: 1

I was sitting before work trying to feverishly finish some last minute work when I turn around and there's very familiar faces that are not normally in the office - my former cloud physics prof/neighbor Dr. V and coworker Chad from PSU were here!! I was SO excited, I immediately stopped in the middle of my conversation with someone to get up and hug them, haha. I knew they were here as of last night but didn't expect to see them that early this morning. It was super fun introducing them to people here and then we went to Lemongrass (a very tasty Thai restaurant) for lunch. I forgot my camera (gasp!) so no pictures.. but I will take some over the next couple of weeks as this big research project happens. I guess something about showing people you knew for almost 5 years where you made it is reassuring. Sometimes I think we need that reassurance.. especially when you're still establishing your new life and still slightly attached to people far far away. Plus, I love Penn State and I will always be happy to relive something that stemmed from there. This grad school thing.. I won't be a "Nanook" ever.. Nittany Lion for life!!

Two more Penn Staters coming Sunday! I suggested we have a "reunion" lunch/dinner. Ok, well I am the one reuniting because they still put up with each other everyday... but you know what I mean :-)

On another note, no aurora pictures last night.. I completely passed out of exhaustion early. Maybe tonight??? And I know on my last post I said something about Thursday.. my brain calendar was off by a day.. well, in any case we were just making the point that the aurora has been active mainly on the weekends this winter. Happy weekend!

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