Monday, March 3, 2008

Meet the new dog

High today: 20
Low today: -14

I think Jim and Carla have found a new puppy - this is Hagrid, a two year old Golden from the Golden Retriever rescues. He's a fun, energetic pup, but sure loves to retrieve stuff... socks... gloves.. a sandwich out of my bag.. my cloud physics book.. "umm professor, my dog ate my homework.. no, really!!" He's a fun addition to the household. Still on trial so he's not officially here for good but it's looking likely that he stays.


Al said...

hi puppy!

Val said...

Puppy dogs are awesome. Interested in a lazy but loud beagle? Free Shipping!

Bevy said...
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Anonymous said...

I can see the energy in the photo. If I had a dog it would be a golden retriever. They are really nice as far as dogs go...Dad.