Saturday, March 29, 2008

You Can See the Bike Paths!

High today: 35
Low today: -5

Decided to ride south on the Parks Hwy today on a new bike path that was being put in when I was here this summer. It sure is nice having clear bike paths to ride on, but I now remember how much resistance my fat tires give to the pavement! The paths would be great for a cross bike. I look forward to the trails turning from their current in-between stage of ice to fun rocks and singletrack in another month and a half.

This isn't the new bike path, but this is the one I took every day last summer. It has only recently been plowed so that it's comfortably ridable again. There are only a few sketchy parts of the sidewalk left near the main intersection.
The new path down the Parks is pretty sweet. It goes south to Ester, so that is where I decided to go. By the time I got to Ester I was getting pretty cold, forgot about the wind chill factor when riding on pavement.
Here's a shot of the aurora behind IARC last night. It was being stubborn and not coming out of the horizon into the overhead sky. Still neat though! Last night marks the 4th day in a row of aurora viewing. Spoiled? Yes indeed! :-)

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