Saturday, March 1, 2008

March is here!

High yesterday: 11
Low yesterday: -12

It was an extremely windy day for Fairbanks yesterday. Winds gusted to 38mph and when it's 5 below that hurts a little in the face. It felt way worse than a calm 40 below is. All the beautiful snow got littered with dirt and branches too, which is kind of depressing.You can feel spring in the air. We're gaining 7 mins of light everyday and dawn is occurring around 7am and dusk is occurring around 7pm. No more sunrises at 10am. Means I have to get up early to see it. :-)
The Presidents of the USA (the band) played at the Blue Loon , also known as "moving to the country gonna eat a lot of peachesssss.." Remember? Mid-90s? Best genre ever?! Yeah... I got to experience my first true Fairbanks bar at the Blue Loon. Everyone looks SO excited about the opening band, don't they? :-P

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Stef said...

hahaha, leslie and dan's faces are amazing.