Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why I Love Fairbanks

High today: 16
Low today: -21I went to the library today to "borrow" a nice camera for a few days. They gave me one of those fancy Canon EOS cameras.. with too many options to understand. :-) I went on an aurora chase tonight after seeing the aurora forecast at 9/10. Started at UAF and then drove and stopped for well over an hour all throughout Goldstream Valley. I couldn't tell when I took the pictures that they were blurry - Jim even told me to take the monopod but I forgot it because I was too excited to go!! Oh well, this is only the beginning, my aurora chasing days are just starting and I'm self learning this photography thing. ISO what? Shutter time huh?? What button should I press??? AURORA! AURORA!! I can find that. :-)

A few more from home later tonight... even with monopod something still isn't right.. I will figure it out!


Sarah said...

Pictures of the Aurora are looking better meteo! ;) Keep 'em comin...being stuck in the basement of Hosler I don't get to see to many pretty skies like that!

Al said...

waaaaaaaaaah, I want to go aurora chasing with you!!!!!!!!

Laur said...

so cool!
and cool that you can take out cameras!

Maria said...

oh julie... those pics are flippin' sweet! amazing, seriously, so cool. try taking video of it sometime, i bet that would rule.

Bevy said...

Cool pics! I used to get up in the mid of the nite for a potty stop and look out the small window in the bathroom and oogle at the northern lights in the sky at 3 a.m. - sometimes I stayed up for a while to look. I lived up there for 35 years - seen alot of them.