Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nice night for the aurora

Well, I finally got to see the aurora again! I am slightly bummed out because none of the pictures I attempted to take came out. I should have tried more options but was so tired and needed to get home. How cool though to just look up and have someone casually say, "hey, there's the aurora!" Thanks to Jim's notice call about the northern lights being out, I was able to get outside and see what I could see. It's funny though because you look up and for a second think it's a cloud, but then realize it's green and just speeding along on its own path. I look forward to seeing the aurora in full capacity someday.. there is just too much light and pollution from town to be able to get the full effect from anywhere I exist in Fairbanks. But I will say one thing, I think the aurora is something that will NEVER get old. Not if you're me, and still get excited for thunderstorm after thunderstorm. No - there's something about the mystery that makes you wonder how and why it's there, and then all of a sudden it's gone. Just like that.


Al said...

While you were watching auroras, I was wandering around a market! This time zone nonsense is crazy, though, you should always know what time it is here in London...just think Z time!

Aaron said...


I had to use a tripod and a 15-30 second exposure to catch the aurora. Just wait until there is one so bright that you actually have light shining in the window.