Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Great ball of fire!

High today: -29
Low this morning: -46

This morning it was cold. I mean, you look outside and there is a THICK layer of ice fog and you just KNOW it's cold. You wonder if your car will start.. and it does, unwilling, but does. The shifter barely moves, but it does. All it needs is to do, not necessarily do well, but just do. And it did. Did I just sound like Confucius? In any case, I thought about the old '89 Jetta this morning and wondered what it would have done. Probably just sat there and not try.. not even a wince.. maybe make some disgruntled noises. Kelly made an interesting observation about the temperature sensor on her car - hers shuts off and shows an error past 40 below. Mine shows nothing past ~25 below - just blank lines like my GPS showed on the 'sunrise/sunset' times when I was above the Arctic Circle last June. This morning was the first morning I found the thermometer at home to be at 40 below. We are always a little bit warmer than the airport because of the temperature inversion. 40 below is the temperature at which water absolutely cannot sustain liquid form - everything is ice crystals from there downward. I do wonder though, if you experience 65 below like the Taylor Hwy did this morning, does that make 40 below feel warm??

Watching the sun come up this morning was uber cool with the ice fog.

A 6000 degree C ball of fire rising above the 40 below air.

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