Monday, February 18, 2008

Welcome to Fairbanks, bike #2

High today: 30
Low so far today: 14

Today was cozy enough out that I felt like putting Ruby the commuter bike together. Poor thing lost a ton of paint on the shipment up here - she was already peeling pretty well. I wasn't quite sure where to start putting her together since I never saw this bike in pieces and it's not as simple as the Rockhopper since the bike frame is at least 20 years old and the components are not built the same as modern bikes.After some finagling I got Ruby together, but her back brakes are still wacked out.. they were that way before I moved but I thought Sparky and I got it all figured out at one of the bike clinics before graduation.This bike has been hands down the best investment I ever made. Simple singlespeed, low maintenance, a bit of pizazz and lots of personality. Everyone knew where I was if they saw this bike parked in front of a building, or knew I was coming when the bugle horn was sounding. I had a designated lock up spot in front of Walker that only my roommate ever dared to steal as a joke. This bike is even on YouTube.. funny story, not one for the blog though. Went every day of the year through rain, snow, ice, high winds, hail, drunk people on College Ave., etc. A bit of a legend to State College.. maybe this bike can make some memories here too.


Anonymous said...

Awwww...Jules.. We miss you and your bike!! Jake & Marcie

Anonymous said...

WE miss you too, honey. The bike looks like something I have seen on the back porch and in the shed from time to time...Dad.