Monday, February 11, 2008

Snowy World

High today so far: 4
Low today: -35

Today we escaped from an 8 day streak of low temperatures below -40. It was also the first day in 19 days of which our temperature went above zero. It's amazing how warm it feels after being cold for so long. I am really enjoying the snow that stays on the ground all the time and doesn't turn mushy brown. I went for a ski today to enjoy the warmer weather while Jana walked her dog Sawyer on the designated canine trails.
The trails were pretty empty. Saw two other people ski by but otherwise all was calm.
The setting sun made the ski even more beautiful. I wanted to stay out there all day and just be at peace away from the hustle and bustle of town.
When I was skiing it still felt like I was on some sort of vacation. I had to remind myself that this is my new home. I guess it's ok to treat life like a vacation as long as you're taking care of your work and responsibilities, right? I guess that's the nice thing about starting over.. no clubs and activities to attend to, no leadership positions, no expectations, none of that. Just starting over with just the memories and lessons you took from them all along the way, with a blank paper trying it all again. :-)

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