Sunday, February 3, 2008

Can't the weekend last forever?

High today: -8
Low today: -30

For lunch today I met up with Micole, a girl who I went to high school with for a year and is teaching up here after spending a semester student teaching. We found out that we were both in Fairbanks and wanted to get reacquainted. It was really cool talking to her and finding out about how she got "sucked up here" as I guess the story goes. You know, people saying "oh, you'll be back" that neither of us believed when told that upon leaving the first time. And here we are.. working in Fairbanks starting our post-undergrad lives! After lunch I decided to go on a little stroll on the two wheels to get some fresh air and test out my new biking shoes.

I biked up a road that I went up a ton of times this summer to get a view of the Chena running through town. After a certain part I couldn't go any farther because I was slipping all over the place in unpacked snow. The white stripe in the background is the frozen Chena.

Yessss I love my obnoxiously bright orange jacket - thanks Patty! The cars could all see me very well!

Just because it's so pretty laying on the snow...

It was a really good bike ride to really get to understand what parts of my body needed more/less coverage in the extreme cold. Funny thing is, the coldest thing besides my feet was my behind! Not sure what to do about that.. wear shorts underneath my ski pants??? Maybe that would work..

This evening, the atmos. science grad students and physics grad students had a "bowling competition", which was entertaining since none of us can bowl well. Michel shows us how to launch the bowling ball down the lane...

After bowling we decided to hit up the pub ON CAMPUS. That is right, there is a pub on campus. How great is that??? We were having fun tossing M&Ms and goldfish into each others mouths.. ahh the cheap entertainment!

Dave decided to educate us on living in a dry cabin and going in the outhouse at 40 below. It was quite the conversation... I haven't laughed so hard since New Year's Eve playing Malarky at Patty and Reed's house...

Can't the weekend continue forever?

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