Friday, February 8, 2008

Some fresh 20 below air

High so far today: -24
Low so far today:-46

I got a new accessory for my bike for winter riding - some poagies! What are poagies you ask? Well, they are basically giant mittens that attach to your handlebars to keep the brake levers, gear shifters, and your hands protected from the cold and wind. And in Steelers colors.. all the better!
Rocky the Rockhopper and I went for a longer stroll today - I am gradually getting into this winter riding thing. Trying to work with the sunlight and my school/work schedule is the trouble, otherwise I'd go at 10pm.. Unfortunately my lightning system isn't up to par for night riding in the winter (yet.) I know from driving that the visual range of obstacles is a lot lot crummier in the winter because of icy windows, ice fog, exhaust of other cars, etc, so decent lights are a must.
I found a new route close to home to ride today which was completely car-less and the roads were in good, packed down shape. I ALMOST have the dressing system down -my feet got fairly numb even while wearing my winter boots, but other than that all was toasty. But it was a great great ride - gotta figure out that keeping the feet warm thing, and I'll be good to go. It would be great to have a riding buddy too, but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. There has to be come sort of organized young cyclists/skiers/exciting people/etc that aren't pros but love to just be outside doing stuff but I can't seem to find them. Times like these I remember why Happy Valley has it's name.. and I sure do miss those reasons.

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