Saturday, February 16, 2008

Need for Gravity

High so far today: 9
Low today: -26

Today Josh - one of my classmates, his wife Deb, and I went up to Skiland to hit up the slopes and enjoy the new powder from the other day. Skiing was extremely challenging - it was the first time I wasn't at a resort with groomed snow. It was all natural snow, windblown, parts had inches of fresh powder that I got stuck in, the terrain was extremely bumpy.. it was an experience!! This my friends is NOT Holiday Valley or Seven Springs... I went down a black diamond which should have probably been a double black diamond.. but I didn't exactly ski down it.. more like slide down it on my behind. After that, just stuck to the blues!
Josh and Deb excited to ski.
Some of the slopes - it looks neat with all of the spruce trees - you had to be there!
Josh talked us into going over some jumps. Here he is in mid-air.
He caught this awesome picture of me in mid-air. :-)
Deb also taking off of the jump.
One more of Josh doing his thing.. this guy is CRAZY he is all about tree jumping and skiing in closed areas.. I'll stick to the wide open spaces, thanks. :-)
The three of us with all ligaments intact, after a long day of skiing. Note the White Mountains in the distance!


theorbo said...

Were you three the only ones there? :)

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of taking out a life insurance policy on you!


Val said...

Wow! Ligaments intact! That is a cool pic of the jump.

Anonymous said...

I L-O-V-E that my skiis are having so much fun with you!!!