Sunday, February 10, 2008

One Month of Fairbanks Winter

High today: -16
Low today: -48

Today marks my one month mark living in Fairbanks. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone, and sometimes I feel like I'm still in a mass confusion of settling in and meeting people. Today though, I was shopping and bumped into someone who I hung out with when I lived in Anchorage two summers ago. He remembered my name and completely stumped me, it was actually rather funny. He's now living up here, and through him I found out another guy I knew in Anchorage is moving up here in a few weeks. It's like the great mass exodus of the Anchorage summer '06 interns to Fairbanks! We have a couple more to work on, but I know one of my roommates from Anchorage who is still in pharmacy school has definitely plans of moving back to AK after school. What a funny little world... talking about the world, let's see a map of my recent blog readers. Thanks Al for viewing the blog from London!
Thanks blog readers!

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