Thursday, February 14, 2008

Warm weather

High today: 33
Low today: -3
The temperature soared today - it's been crazy roller-coaster weather. 40 below one week, 30 above the next, almost 50 below the next, and now 30 above again. I don't think it's normal up here for the temperature to fluctuate so much, but I'm not sure. In any case, everyone was happy to have some relief in warmer weather. Honestly, when it hit zero degrees, everyone was walking outside without a hat or gloves.. at least for short distances. If you told me to do that 2 months ago I would have looked at you funny.

Skiing was good today - there's a lake called Smith Lake that has a track around it. It's neat because it's just a vast open space to ski around.
Almost the weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

HELLO SPRING! There have been days when Fairbanks has had warmer highs than us. I mean during winter. I find it difficult to imagine -50f in Pgh. I have garlic growing in your room. It's about
9" high now.