Saturday, July 24, 2010

Post thesis defense shenanigans

Well I did it - I've added another two letters to the end of my name! (those academic M.S. ones!) The time since I arrived back in AK and hit the ground sprinting in a 4 week race all blends together in my memory, and now here I am, trying to figure out what is next. I finally got over my post-Vortex2 depression a couple weeks ago, so have been able to kick back and enjoy Fairbanks again. The really good thing is, that I have some time to blow before having to either commit to taking a job here or making a move. So, I'm going to just bide my time and have fun during my favorite non-snowy months! I have a week til I am completely off the hook with academia, but then - my true playtime begins.

But, to start it all off right, some friends and I went booze cruising to celebrate my defense, visiting the classy local establishments alongside the Chena River.
I had some pressure on me for this float, being the weather girl and all, because it hasn't stopped raining all week. But I was convinced the weather gods would work with me and sure enough they did, and all attendees had a fun time on the rain-less float!
I am almost positive that I didn't paddle our canoe more than 30 strokes the entire night, good thing I had Brian manuevering us around. I am normally better about contributing to a boating adventure, but Friday I was distracted by seeing friends rather than my cubicle wall and computer.On Saturday, Goldstream Sports and the Fairbanks Cycle Club threw together a 12-hour fundraiser event on the Ester Dome singletrack. I went up there to make a quick appearance and ride a couple of laps, and ended up riding more. Lorien, below, dressed up as a bird for the race. I laughed when I realized it was him because I heard someone say my name and was talking to me and I didn't even recognize him at the time, and thought it was another cycling friend.
Tyson and Joel coming down the course. I think most people just tooted around and didn't really "race" but some of these guys did. If I was in better health and shape, I would have been all over racing this event.. but it just wasn't feasible this year. It was a blast though and I hope they put it on again next year!
Davya helped out in recording our laps. Thanks Davya!
Celine, Jim, and I. That's the only time you will see a Penn State and Ohio State jersey together. :-) Go Nittany Lions!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ester Dome Singletrack

"It's only about a foot high" - famous last words. I would like to say that I think that jump was higher than a foot! Amazingly, had just enough speed to clear without flipping. Not exactly what I'd call good form by any means, but cleared, nonetheless. This is one of a few jumps on the brand new Ester Dome Singletrack. I'm pumped that Fairbanks finally has a trail with some obstacles other than roots. Rumor has it the trail crew is wanting to host a 12-hour race in a couple of weeks to raise money for the rest of the trail building. Hopefully something official will be announced sooner rather than later.
Finishing up my thesis post-summer project has been ridiculously difficult. The only thing I can do to concentrate is to block out the last two months temporarily. Hanging on with a tiny bit of exercise a day to stay sane, endless hours of thesising, and eating crappy processed food that doesn't take any preparation time. This will be all over in a couple weeks and then I'll do something interesting for you to read about.. maybe figure out what my next step is in another month!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 4th of July in Eagle, AK

Spent the 4th of July in a very patriotic small town on the mighty Yukon River. Not a full week later, the Taylor Highway would be completely shut down for most of the remainder of summer due to continual heavy rains, and Eagle would be no longer accessible by vehicle until DOT got the road back into stable shape.Eagle saw their bout of flooding last spring, which wiped out most of the shoreline buildings.
Below is the remains a year later, with signs of rebuilding.
Sent friends off on their week long float trip to Circle. It was fun to be a part of their journey!