Saturday, July 24, 2010

Post thesis defense shenanigans

Well I did it - I've added another two letters to the end of my name! (those academic M.S. ones!) The time since I arrived back in AK and hit the ground sprinting in a 4 week race all blends together in my memory, and now here I am, trying to figure out what is next. I finally got over my post-Vortex2 depression a couple weeks ago, so have been able to kick back and enjoy Fairbanks again. The really good thing is, that I have some time to blow before having to either commit to taking a job here or making a move. So, I'm going to just bide my time and have fun during my favorite non-snowy months! I have a week til I am completely off the hook with academia, but then - my true playtime begins.

But, to start it all off right, some friends and I went booze cruising to celebrate my defense, visiting the classy local establishments alongside the Chena River.
I had some pressure on me for this float, being the weather girl and all, because it hasn't stopped raining all week. But I was convinced the weather gods would work with me and sure enough they did, and all attendees had a fun time on the rain-less float!
I am almost positive that I didn't paddle our canoe more than 30 strokes the entire night, good thing I had Brian manuevering us around. I am normally better about contributing to a boating adventure, but Friday I was distracted by seeing friends rather than my cubicle wall and computer.On Saturday, Goldstream Sports and the Fairbanks Cycle Club threw together a 12-hour fundraiser event on the Ester Dome singletrack. I went up there to make a quick appearance and ride a couple of laps, and ended up riding more. Lorien, below, dressed up as a bird for the race. I laughed when I realized it was him because I heard someone say my name and was talking to me and I didn't even recognize him at the time, and thought it was another cycling friend.
Tyson and Joel coming down the course. I think most people just tooted around and didn't really "race" but some of these guys did. If I was in better health and shape, I would have been all over racing this event.. but it just wasn't feasible this year. It was a blast though and I hope they put it on again next year!
Davya helped out in recording our laps. Thanks Davya!
Celine, Jim, and I. That's the only time you will see a Penn State and Ohio State jersey together. :-) Go Nittany Lions!!

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