Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ester Dome Singletrack

"It's only about a foot high" - famous last words. I would like to say that I think that jump was higher than a foot! Amazingly, had just enough speed to clear without flipping. Not exactly what I'd call good form by any means, but cleared, nonetheless. This is one of a few jumps on the brand new Ester Dome Singletrack. I'm pumped that Fairbanks finally has a trail with some obstacles other than roots. Rumor has it the trail crew is wanting to host a 12-hour race in a couple of weeks to raise money for the rest of the trail building. Hopefully something official will be announced sooner rather than later.
Finishing up my thesis post-summer project has been ridiculously difficult. The only thing I can do to concentrate is to block out the last two months temporarily. Hanging on with a tiny bit of exercise a day to stay sane, endless hours of thesising, and eating crappy processed food that doesn't take any preparation time. This will be all over in a couple weeks and then I'll do something interesting for you to read about.. maybe figure out what my next step is in another month!

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Maria said...

woo! awesome picture!!