Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

High today so far: -18
Low today: -28
Today was a superly fun and productive day. I got to go ice drilling with Ed and Austin for work - measuring the ice depths of some of the local lakes and rivers. I looooove just driving around the area and love field work. It was weird driving onto rivers and lakes that I knew this summer as fast flowing waters, or had kayaked on. All of the water bodies had 22-30 inches of ice depth.. incredible!

Austin and Ed drilling into one of the lakes.. I couldn't keep track of which place was which in my pics. When we got back into the truck, "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice was playing on the radio.. we were entertained by that.

Go ice auger, go!

A little moosie along the Rich Hwy.. there is another moose hanging out in my backyard as I type... pictures aren't coming out though because it is too dark!

Wintry and slick on CHSR.

Here's another picture - from yesterday - we get sundogs up here constantly.


The Slush Puppy said...

Jule has a blog!!!

Looks like youre living your dream out :o)

Patty Jo said...

Reed said something really funny the other day when your card came for the girls (they love their pictures, btw). He was reading it outloud to Rosalie again and when he read "moose" as plural, he looked up to me and said "isn't it meece?". It was funny... I think he was joking, I hope! :-)