Thursday, January 24, 2008

First Day of Grad School

High today: -8
Low today: -27For some reason or another I was pretty anxious about the first day of school even though I only had one class. I had cloud physics after work, which was one of my favorite (and most intensive) undergrad classes. There are only 7 people in my class, which is a biiiiiiiig biiiiiiiiiig change from most of my undergrad. It was pretty nice and more motivation to pay attention - definitely no falling asleep in that one, haha. The prof is very informal, like pretty much everyone up here, so it wasn't nearly as scary as I predicted. I'm really excited about grad school now and not so much afraid of it. Everyone is really nice and welcoming in the department and my advisor is AWESOME. Work today was fun too - actually made the forecast so I know exactly what's going on.. snow tonight and cccccold weather this weekend! Maybe it will get to 40 below so I can do some science experiments.. :-)

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Paul is a Hermit said...

Wait a minute.
Was that prediction so hard to make? Snow tonight and cold??

Glad it's going well for you.