Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's The Little Things

High today: 23
Low today so far: -2

So today was the first day that I did not stall my car AT ALL. This my friends, is pretty exciting.
Today I also have a few random pictures for you. First one is an ICE SCULPTURE at the entrance of UAF. Yes, that is an ice sculpture, isn't it pretty cool???

After I did what I could as far as school errands after work, I went up to Ester Dome with one of my coworkers to take his dogs on a walk. He estimated it was about 5 below with a windchill of -30... I couldn't feel it because I had the hood on my jacket wrapped up to cover my face! Despite the chilliness, the fresh air still felt great. I hadn't been up Ester Dome since a friend and I biked it this summer and we got caught in a torrential downpour and tstorm. I bet the dome will look beautiful if I can get up there with clear skies and snow everywhere. The snow and wind was obstructing any view today.

Oh! And the most important adventure of my day. Grapefruits at $0.29/lb at Safeway!!! Originally $1.99/lb.. SCORE! I chowed down a ton of grapefruits in Pittsburgh before leaving in Jan. knowing that they would either be a) expensive or b) not fresh up here. I don't know if it's fresh but it looks good to me and it won't be long til we find out.

First day of class tomorrow.. yes class. Weird only taking two classes, both of which I've taken in full intensity before.. so maybe this grad school thing won't be so scary after all.. maybe it will!


Al said...

That ice sculpture is AWESOME!!

Paul is a Hermit said...

Somebody froze their fanny off making that. The sculpture, I mean, probably not the grapefruit.

daddoo said...

That grapefruit looks like one of your favurite gourds, A PUMPKIN!