Tuesday, January 1, 2008


High today: 40 (at midnight)
Low today: 23 (right now)

Since graduation, I've been basically going through EVERYTHING I own and throwing out what I don't need anymore and packing things to send to AK as well as packing many boxes to stay here with those things that I will not need but would like to have for when I buy a house someday. Going through papers from high school and my undergrad years has been ridiculous.. from labs I kept for getting As on them, cards from friends and family, acceptance letters, grad school papers and ideas for possible career paths.. just ridiculous. It is really neat though, to see where I searched, what I discovered along the way, who helped me through each stage, and what led me to where I am now. It's easy to brush a lot of that aside and we have to to move on in life, but I think it's been good to take one last look at a lot of this stuff before tossing it. When I pack the boxes to send to AK, I get breathless moments of excitement followed by moments of freaking out realizing the big changes happening and I wonder if I'm ready.

9 days and I will be on the ground in the dark and coldness but I think I will be perfectly content. Here's a toast to 2008 being just as good as 2007!

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Jeff said...

i like looking back through possible careers and stuff and thinking, "what the hell was I thinking?!"