Sunday, March 30, 2008

Snow Riding at Chena Lakes

High today: 37
Low today: 9

In February when I went measuring ice depth for work, we stopped at Chena Lakes to measure the depth of the ice there.. and I immediately thought about how fun it would be to go biking out here in the winter. Today, Debbie and I went to try it out! Debbie JUST bought a new bike (HOORAY!) so we broke it in for its very first ride.
In most places, the snow was AWESOME. There were some crunchy, deeper parts, but overall the pack was in fantastic shape for snow riding. Unless your name is Julie, and you stop focusing for a split second and wipe out in a snow ditch...
I looked kind of silly with my poagies but after yesterday's cold ride I decided to bring them.. they are very handy for stashing extra clothes too, or storing clothes if you get too warm. The latter happened to us today.
Debbie is having a fun time on her shiny new bike. It was still pretty darn shiny 2.5 hours later too.. things aren't very dirty at Chena Lakes yet!I had fun trying out the "non-trail", aka the crunchy deeper snow pack that wasn't as packed down. You need to keep your momentum going to really push through it. There were a lot of "aaaaaagh" noises while riding through it.

When we were headed back to the car.. we couldn't help but notice a ramp built up by the snowmachiners. I tried it out a few times - nearly impossible to get any air because I couldn't get enough speed riding up to the ramp. We needed a downhill to the ramp to really have some fun times!
Debbie decided to give it a shot, too. If you zoom in on her face, it's priceless!A friend mentioned that we could ride all the way down to Nenana on the river and I'd like to do it.. not sure that I'll be able to before winter is over though. I guess there is always next year! Put it on the 'to-do' list.. the very very long 'to-do' list.

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