Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy 2 Months, Fairbanks!

High today: 42
Low today: 10
Well Fairbanks, we've made it together a whole two months today. I'm able to bike again to work without worrying about cars sliding on ice and into me at intersections, for the most part. We have daylight until almost 8:30pm now instead of 3:30pm when I got here in January. The skies are looking more like summer than winter. Spring is coming faster than it's supposed to. Next winter will be the true test of my ability to handle the cold and darkness, but this second half wasn't so bad at all. I just hope that we get a second wind of winter weather before summer comes. Don't melt, snow!! Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Happy 2 months, Fairbanks.

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