Sunday, March 23, 2008

Newest Addendums

High today: 25
Low today: 8
A lot has been happening lately and the months of April and May are going to be hectic and fun in so many ways. I've known for quite awhile that some of my PSU professors/colleagues would be here in April, but I just found out two more are coming too, including a former classmate of mine! There is a huge NASA/NOAA project going on for the International Polar Year (IPY) and there will be over 200 scientists in Fairbanks for the month of April from all over the place. I really look forward to this big project going on and hope to score a flight on one of the research planes. We will see though. At the end of April (maybe even mid) I'm going to be moving into a cabin (hopefully moving for the LAST time for awhile.. I am soooo sick of moving!) and I have a roommate who will be arriving May 1st. This girl and I have a mutual friend who thinks we'll get along well so I look forward to meeting her in May and having a new buddy to explore with. THEN May 10th my friends Aviva and Jud from PSU are visiting to explore Alaska which will be basically a week of backcountry fun. After that, I'm going to be starting some climate data rescue for a post-doc in my building and likely get to do some field work at the end of May and go cool places! Lots of big things coming soon and I'm excited to begin the madness.

p.s. AND I'm going ice climbing on the 5th... can't wait!!

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