Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Staying in AK

I am staying put in Fairbanks for the foreseeable future!

I was forced to make a yes or no decision whether to go full-time at my job about 4 weeks earlier than I was hoping to. Many factors made the decision difficult, and my wanderlust almost made me say no wanting to move elsewhere for a bit. I was so torn because I felt that either way I could potentially have regrets. But luckily this is a decision I was planning to make soon, and whenever I finally HAD to decide, I knew what I wanted. It's only as temporary or permanent as I want to make it, and that ultimately made me say yes to more fun in Alaska. I really had a hard time doing grad school here with all of the distractions, but knew that I loved the place when I was only working and leaving work at work. In any case, it all worked out and I made a decision. I can't tell you for how long, but I can tell you that as long as I am happy, I will stay. The pages are blank for a new chapter in the same place!

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