Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rainy Days in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh hasn't stopped raining since I got here. We've gotten over 3.5 inches of rain in our backyard in the last 4 days. My plan was to soak up the sun at the wave pool if I had to deal with 90 degree days, but that chance hasn't come yet. Maybe tomorrow. :-) And maybe tomorrow my bike will make it's way back from wherever it's vacationing right now. I'm freaking out a little bit about it being lost since I had planned on doing a couple good long rides before race season. I'll keep you updated on that.

I've been able to hang out with my baby nieces over the last two days. They are so adorable with their big blue eyes and cute happy faces. I don't have any pictures of them yet.. what a bad aunt I'm being!

Moving into school on Friday.. new place and new roommates. There will be four of us and two dogs in a fairly roomy place. I'm pretty excited to have new roommates.

I already miss Fairbanks a lot. I finished my UAF general application two nights ago, and filed my intent to graduate this semester just today! I'm pretty pumped about that! It's about time, hmm?? Walker building will finally rid of its most loyal student/tenant (practically), ha ha. I can't wait to see everyone there but I do look forward to moving on.

Three more days til PSU!

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