Thursday, August 30, 2007

Internet Is Finally Working!!

I finally figured out how to get my wireless adapter to work, hooray!

Here's a rundown in pictures of recent activities:

Before I left Pittsburgh I played Big Brain Academy on Wii and took some silly test and it told me that I had the mind of a meteorologist. Coincidence or fate?
My bike returned the day before I was to return to State College. Not in very good shape.
The drive to State College was on a very hot and hazy day. Yuck!
Sarah had her wedding shower and baccalaurette party on Saturday. It was quite a fun day!
Sunday Brent, Clay, Lee and I went on a 6 hour bike ride through Rothrock. Started at Shingletown and ended up on the ridge and shot down the gas line. I loooooove the gasline downhill, it's a blast!
There was a wildfire on the ridge a year and a half ago, and as everything is growing back the dandelions are everywhere! I should have grabbed some fireweed seed and spread it around! Note the fire scars still on the trees.
This week's theme seems to deal with spiders. Here's a big old one on our lamp post out front.
I've almost taken out at least 30 pedestrians on campus this week. It happens every year - the new students come and don't look when they cross the street. And then you have the irresponsible cyclists who don't know the rules of the road. It's a big mess but I see it as a fun game, like the biking version of Frogger.. except that there's people in the way instead of cars.
Jake and Maggie make a nice welcoming committee. Maggie is just a pup and gets overly excited about everything.
My new toy!! A Kelty 0 degree sleeping bag.. I'm getting geared up. ;) It was on super sale because they're phasing out the model. Manushkka had fun dragging me across the floor in it.
Classes are great so far. MWF I have a GIS programming class, a humanities gen ed which is actually quite interesting so far. The class is called Science, Technology and Human Values and over-analyzes things, which I'm very good at doing, so I think it will be a cool class. Then I have Yoga, a decent break for lunch, and tropical meteorology. Most of my teachers rock, so I think it will be a very good semester. I'm back working at the climate office for one last time. I'm hoping to really push forward on the NPS project that I started two years ago and get it to the point where everything will be pretty much done or in a format for a non-GIS person to be able to handle. So far so good. I'm also taking choir one last time. It felt great to press the "intent to graduate" button on Elion, and my grad school stuff is more than halfway done.

So in a nutshell that is the most recent news. My bike is going in tomorrow for a diagnostic lookover by my buds at Freezethaw. Racing starts next weekend at Lehigh! Bring on the dirt!

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...Girl Up North... said...

Your mummy is hot. I'm still mad you didn't go with the Marmot 15 that I have - we could've been twins! haha. I like the meteo game... whats with the C+ on there though? That would have been the indication of why I turned into a meteorologist... that was probably my most frequent grade. Pfffft. Whatev. Irrelevant now, huh? :-P Can't wait to see pics of the dirt you'll be dominating this season.

Stay tuned on my updates from Katahdin... after your email, I think I know my decision!