Saturday, September 1, 2007

108,000 Fans

Something glorious happens when you put 108,000 screaming fans into a packed stadium. I wasn't at the front line of it today since I was working at the concession stand and not watching the game in the stands, but the Penn State Football Glory lives on. I smile and remember why I love Penn State so much.

Here's the Cycling club's stand at Beaver Stadium:
My favorite line working at the concession stand was a guy coming up to me and asking, "Where's the beer at?" Sorry buddy, no beer here. I told him to go downtown after the game.

We played Florida International University today, whom I haven't ever even heard of. Thrashed them up 59-0. But the entertaining part about the game today was that after our game was over, fans began to leave, but stopped dead in their tracks to watch the rest of the Michigan game on the TVs... And Michigan got beat on their own turf, OUCH! Michigan (and Ohio State) are our big rivals, so everybody was jumping and cheering that Michigan lost to some no-name football team.

And this is when we say...


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