Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wipe Out!!

So I completely took a good spill on my commuter bike today. Leaving west campus and heading over the IST bridge to Walker building, I decided to try to adjust my headlight while I was riding.. and BOOM, lost my balance and went flying down into the brick wall. I was so embarrassed and scraped up my body pretty good. Best part was, I was on my way to a meeting with the guy in charge of funding me for work for our NPS project. Good thing he's known me for 3 years and knows of my constant biking, so the wreck didn't seem completely out of the ordinary (Although this was the first time I EVER wiped out on my commuter). But since I'm talking about this bike.. isn't it purdy? It's very fast around town - 27" tires, singlespeed, jazzed up commuter bike, with a bugle horn. Yes, that's right, a bugle horn, $5 straight from the shelves at Target. It used to have a retro computer too, but I tried using it in the 0 degree weather last year and it stopped working. (boo!)On a brighter note, today was my kind of day weather-wise. Upper 60s/70-ish degrees all day. It clouded up this evening but is a very comfortable day. Funny though that it feels kind of chilly compared to the crazy heat that we've had.
State College isn't so bad now is it?

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