Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mini-bike extravaganza

Ok, so you wonder what the kids in Central PA do for fun? How about setting up a course with jumps for racing with little kid bikes?? Yeah.. gotta keep ourselves entertained. ;)

Tonight was my second mini-bike race party, but the first time I got the guts to actually try it. It was SO much fun, I'm really going to miss these kids when I leave.
Clay and opponent getting ready to begin the race

Tim showing off his skills

Lauren and Jen at the start getting revved up

Whoops, one man down!

Once I get more pictures from people I'll post them. There's some funny ones that's for sure...

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...Girl Up North... said...

Your furry friend in the first pic has my Chacos on. :-D Wish I was there! I would have had a go on those things, haha.