Sunday, September 30, 2007

Riding the waves at Lake Raystown

You know, this fall is really an awesome awesome semester. I've been doing some really fun things lately. Today, Aviva and Justin invited me to go water skiing with a friend of theirs out at Lake Raystown. I had never gone water skiing, and was extremely unsure of the whole thing, but was able to get up on the skis after only a few tries.
Justin showing off his mad skills

Me wiping out one of the first times.

Starting to get up.. when I finally did get up Aviva didn't have the camera in hand, and by the time she got it out, I had already tumbled into the water. You'd be impressed by some of my crash landings! Ha ha. They were some pretty ridiculous tumbles...
Aviva, Jud and I

A sundog. Believe it or not Aviva pulled over to get a look at this sucker.

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