Monday, September 24, 2007

A celebratory walk in the woods

My roommate Marcie passed her Ph.D defense yesterday morning. When we asked her what she wanted to do to celebrate, she wanted to go on a hike. Her and I decided to go up Mt. Nittany and planned on going on one of the loops.
Marcie and Jake at one of the look-outs
The leaves are slowly beginning to change even though it's going upto 86 TODAY. (GROSS.)
Me at another look-out.
So we tried to follow the map of Mt. Nittany provided at the trailhead but found that there were many many MANY unmapped trails. We ended up getting lost.. very lost.. to the point that we got completely disoriented, ended up looping the mountain twice, coming to the same point at which we realized we were first lost.. in the pitch dark with no headlamps. We were very very lucky that the moon was out and partially guiding out way. My cell (with full service and full battery) guided the rest of the way. I'm also very glad that I was with someone who stayed calm the entire time and didn't panic. I could name a few people who would have freaked out in our situation.
We never ended up at the trailhead again, but at that point we just wanted to get on a road somewhere. We stumbled upon a house with barking dogs that looked vaguely familiar to me. Basically, in a nutshell, the house we stumbled upon was indeed somewhere I have been before, THE Dr. Craig Bohren's home. I had been there my freshman year in '03 for the.. meteorology Mt. Nittany hike!! If you are still wondering who Craig Bohren is, see below.
It was ironic really, because I was talking about the man to Marcie earlier in the hike and how he trains dogs. I can see it now.. 'Newsline in the meteorology weekly': "Girls get lost on Mt. Nittany and stumble upon Distinguished Professor Emeritis of Meteorology who leads them back to their car in the pitch dark really far away from where they ended up." Ha ha.. whoops!

Well, that pretty sums up my day. The story is much much funnier if I tell it to you in person because there's so much more to it.. but for now, this will do.

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