Monday, September 3, 2007

A surprise visit from NJ!

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Alexis and Jonathan saying they were on their way to State College from Hershey! As Alexis said, "State College was just too tantalizingly close to not come". HOORAY! They came and we wandered the streets of State College. It was really nice to have them here. I also got to see my good friend Becca on Saturday - she came up for the football game. I was just getting used to not seeing my alumni friends.. and they suddenly reappeared from their respective homes!
Al and Jonathan on the lion -
Al and I being goofy on the lion.. his ears are like handles!
This was my last weekend in town for a little while so it was very good timing to see my good ol' friends. Yesterday and today I went exploring to see how to get to Scotia from my house via the bike paths. Yesterday I didn't have enough daylight to figure out where all the paths went, but today I did get to Scotia and rolled around there for two hours. There was a fun ramp built up on this log.
5 days til Lehigh MTB Season Opener!

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