Saturday, October 24, 2009

Maria and Bill's wedding

High today (PIT): 64 F
Low today (PIT): 43 FMy sister getting hitched brought me back to the 'burbs of Pittsburgh for a couple of weeks in this odd time of October. The celebration got all 7 of us (plus in-laws) together for the first time in over 3 years. It was an absolute blast and I have never seen so many people on a dance floor at the wedding. My 5 year old niece Rosalie was the best at the reception - she partied with us until the second to last song before passing out in her dad's arms. Rosalie and her little sister Gretchen were flower girls and were adorable in their princess outfits of which they were extremely proud of. My friend Matt drive from New Mexico to come to the wedding before relocating back to Happy Valley for a few months. I saw relatives whom I haven't seen in years. Chaos I tell you, chaos. I am going to be ready for a vacation after this. Some of these photos are mine, some of them I stole from friends/family.
Maria and Bill after the ceremony ready to party.
Gretchen and Rosalie in their princess outfits.Fa la cool and the gang... this is a professional shot of my immediate family, in-laws (or outlaws?), and niecelets.
My sisters and Rosalie. These girls are hysterical when all together.
There was dancing..More dancing..And even more dancing!

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