Thursday, October 29, 2009

Soul sisters in DC

High today (DCA): 62 F
Low today (DCA): 56 F

I headed down to the DC area for the first time ever to see some of my best friends from growing up. Alexis and I met in Rockville MD to stay with Meg, my best bud from high school (who is now engaged!!!), for the first night, then the second night we headed over to Fairfax VA to meet up with our old roommate, Laura, and our friend, Armand, from college. A bajillion old friends live in DC nowadays but my time there was so limited I only was able to see a few. DC or Colorado it seems the majority of friends from college are living, though there are quite a few of us "loose screws" as well. Alexis and I explored DC during the day on Thurs while all the other normal people were at work. It was such a blast - I had this horrible image of DC in my head of crime and dirtiness and purse-grabbers but it was the opposite - nice clean city, so much interesting architecture and history, and I didn't feel like someone was going to snatch my purse from my arm. There's my lesson for pre-judging! I'm sure parts of town aren't great but that's with any city. We went to the Holocaust museum which has been recommended by friends for years and I will vouch for the same. It is a good eye-opener and a terrific reminder of history and the power of manipulation.
Meg and Alexis wandering the streets of Rockville.
Meg Al and I.
Little Bailey is a pretty funny little dog. She makes me like little dogs.. just a little bit.The White House.. I could not see the Obamas, bummer. I wonder how often they actually get to enjoy their home!
Al up by the Washington Monument.
Chinatown.Walking on water by the Capitol building!The colors were perfect.. unlike PA where everything was dead.
The WWII Memorial.
Wassup, Lincoln?Laura, Al, Armand and I out to dinner.
Two of my old roomies! Just like the good ol' days.

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