Saturday, February 6, 2010

Left a Few Days Too Early!

Man, I missed out on THIS by 4 days!  Photos courtesy of my sister Patty (starring the little munchkins).
I am proud to say these girls totally pumped about the snow are my nieces.
Oops, Gretchen lost one of her boots in the snow and had to get rescued out of the snow.  At least no 3-year-olds went missing in the snow pile!
The girls stand where there is a sidewalk.. but uhhh, the plow truck kind of plowed all of the snow onto the sidewalk.  Good luck digging out!  I would be out there digging out an igloo.  Or a snow fort and waiting for a neighbor to walk by and start a snowball war.  It's a perfect opportunity.
 Here's a picture of my sister Maria and her car.  What car???
 Good luck.  Fairbanks wouldn't know what to do with that much snow at once, either!


Maria said...

guess my city pictures aren't cool enough for you :P i saw people skiing on he streets to get around!

Julie said...

Maria! I didn't know you had photos??? i will check em out!

Maria said...

haha, i was just teasing, but cool that you put some up!! :)