Saturday, February 6, 2010

Seeing the Yukon Quest in a Different Light

High today: +13 F
Low today: +1 F
Mileage: 27
Feeling great after a good ride to get back in the swing of things in Fairbanks.  I went out with Ned and Tohru to ride (they skied) the Yukon Quest trail backwards from the Pleasant Valley store to Nordale Rd.  We enjoyed a very warm day out on the trail.
Tohru pretty pumped to be out on the trail.
Fairbanks has only gotten an official 20.7" of snow this entire winter(!!), unlike the 22" that fell at my sister's house yesterday overnight.  Therefore, our trails are lacking quite a bit on snow.  Conditions are still ok for skiing though, and great for biking other than being a little bumpy.
We rode backwards so we intercepted all of the Yukon Quest mushers head on.  They are pretty quiet if they are coming from behind you, so it was easy to see everyone and bail off of the trail with the incoming traffic.  Only once out of 24 I took a real dive into the snow.  Most of the other bailouts were more graceful.
Ned skis down the last stretch of the Chena River before Nordale Rd. into the first sunshine we saw all day.
Ned and Tohru at the Nordale Rd bridge.
Gorgeous sunset and feeling great!


Stef said...

Looks like a gorgeous day! I wish I could have been there :) I miss you!

Patty V said...

Very cool. I said to Reed "Look, Julie took these pictures of dog sledders. Who sees that?? Except on TV??" Reed's answer "Julie does".