Monday, June 28, 2010

The 4400 mile haul

This last leg of the trip put me over 25,000 miles in a little over two months - approximately the circumference of the earth! I was lucky to spend the last 2800 with one of my best friends.
We found a lot of beautiful lakes
Slept by the Kootenay River
Watched some mountain goats along the Icefields Parkway
Stopped by Lake Louise
Made a run to the Athabascan Glacier in a rainstorm
Enjoyed the clear air thereafter
Saw Athabasca Falls in the summer, versus April
Took a "scenic" route, as if the drive as a whole wasn't enough
Met cyclists Houston and Sue from Missoula after a fox chased them down the road
Got rid of a few blood-sucking mosquitoes
Followed some honeymooners on their trip of a lifetime
Soaked in an empty Liard Hot Springs 3 meter deep pool
Wandered about Watson Lake's "sign post"
Lounged on the best free car camping spot
Noted the last night of darkness for awhile
Watched the Lemond-start of the 24 Hours of Light bike race
Drank up the sunshine while it lasted
Tucked our tent away in the trees for one last night
And sent one last SPOT from the driveway! Home at last.


Maria said...

Yay! Welcome home - what an adventure! Love all the pictures.

Marcie said...

Wow! And double Wow!! Those pictures are incredible!! I am so glad you made it back safely and were able to stop in CO for a visit. I just love how adventurous you are soo cool DooWee!

Anonymous said...

Man, that's pretty awesome, little sis. There is a lake there that I want to go to... Louise Lake maybe? Trying to remember from all the pictures. Well, there was a lot there I would like to see! Patty