Friday, June 18, 2010

The End of V2

VORTEX2 ended on June 15, the day before the big tornado outbreak in SD (go figure)!Now 60 days on the road, I am slowly making my way north to Alaska. I am completely exhausted, but still very happy to be out here on the open road. Yesterday I had a cop at a gas station say "Those are Oregon plates?", "Nope, Alaska.", "Wow you are a long ways from home!" Yeah I guess so. Funny thing is, this whole summer hasn't felt too far from home, since for the most part I have been with old friends or new ones. It's not such a scary big country afterall. I do look forward to going back to my cabin in the woods, taking a nice long run on the trail while running from mosquitoes (uh, maybe I don't miss that detail..), and commuting to work. That, will be nice. I guess the stress of defending my thesis so soon is keeping me from wanting to be back there. Normally Alaska is somewhere where I look forward to something, but instead I am dreading something, and have nothing planned except to work. In a little over a month I'll be roaming free.. or roaming somewhere else? That door is wide open. But until I get back up there.. it's still playtime. ;)

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