Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am really trying hard to not be consumed by winter biking, and I think my efforts are succeeding, except that I was told on Monday that I was talking in my sleep, and the words went something like this:

"I… I thought… You.. webpage… I thought… fatbike… You were on a fatbike website.."

So, maybe not. But I was laughing hysterically when I was told that after a weekend at Luce's Lodge on the Iditarod Trail.I joined up with some friends (and made new ones!) north of Anchorage for the ride in on the Susitna, and Yentna Rivers. Being from Fairbanks, where maybe a total of 5 fatbikes existed just 3 years ago, I delved into fatback heaven. Along on the 25 mile ride into the lodge, there were two other separate groups of bikers going into Luce's Lodge with as many as 8 bikes passing me as I hiked along to warm my freezing cold feet (this has become a very vital issue this year, more so than last). The Yentna River was a biker haven, and I was in the midst of it. It made the boring flat river travel go by with interest for me. Who are these people? Are they racers or just out for an afternoon jaunt? An afternoon jaunt ends up what most of them were doing, which is awesome. Fatbike heaven.

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