Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May 23, 2006 - The Day of the Moose!

So today was finally the day! Not only did I see one moose, but TWO!! I rode my bike to work today, and on the way home right as I was getting on the trail, there was a large moose just hanging out eating!! (see first three pictures) I called Dad right away, before I even saw the second one! The 2nd one popped out of nowhere and was also grazing. The 2nd was only about 15 feet away from the trail! I rode past it quickly and then stopped to take a few pictures (which as you can see ended up a picture of the moose's backside ;) ) I was told not to have the flash on when taking pictures of moose. They get mad at people and charge them apparently. haha.
The roommates and neighbors and I are planning to go to Denali this coming weekend since we all have Memorial Day off. Denali is where Mt. McKinley is for those of you who didn't know. Should be nice and fun!
Jim mentioned possibly him and Carla coming down to Anchorage June 16th-18th to visit! Jim is my cousin who lives in Fairbanks. Fairbanks is about 7-8 hours from here. That will be awesome if they can come down then, and I eventually want to go up to Fairbanks also. Maybe catch some rays of that 90 degree weather! (yeah it gets hot in parts of Alaska! and VERY VERY cold in the winter too!)
Work today was interesting. It only took me 35 mins to bike to work. I thought it would be longer so I got there a bit after 7:30. My co-workers are SO much fun and very down to earth. We all went "out to lunch" today to a local hot dog stand. Apparently this one stand we went to is the best in town, haha. Because we all know how different hot dogs are. :-P In any case, my coworker Tom bought lunch for me which was super nice. They are all super welcoming. It feels like after a day with them that I've known them for months! I still don't have a project for work yet. They want to use me for my GIS skills while I'm there because none of them know how to do anything. That could be interesting. Hopefully I will live up to their expectations. At PSU I've always had "mentors" getting me through my GIS projects. Hopefully I'm ready to tackle what they're looking for. Today though, Steve and I got to make ethernet cables! (woohoo??) It was actually interesting making them for a bit. It's just one of those tedious jobs though. Much harder than it looks! It was nice though after staring at a computer all morning. Overall though I love my job mainly for the people.
So yes, today was the day of the moose. It made me happy and now I can happily be an Alaska.
By the way, I don't think I mentioned this, but Alaska smells AMAZING. I wish I could capture it in a bottle and bring it home. Well.. someone did have an idea of cutting down and branch and sending it home... it's a thought!
No news on the luggage yet. Tomorrow is day 5 so I can file a claim with the airport. Anne and/or Sue from work is going to take me to the airport either tomorrow or Thursday to do so. I just hope my bag comes back. Preferably before this weekend! I've surviving without it but it's an inconvience. Since you have all been sleeping for hours, I think it's about time for me to sleep also. :) Goodnight!

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