Thursday, April 23, 2009


How does that phrase go? April showers bring May mosquitoes? Errrr ummmm.. flowers?! My least favorite time of year by a big stretch. Maybe the end of the semester puts a big damper in it, too. Maybe it will snow another 5 inches and I can run around excitedly driving everyone nuts until it all melts a few hours later. Here's to you classmate, who last spring snidely said to me, "we'll see how much you love the snow next year when you're here for the full winter". You were wrong. I still love every millimeter of it!
But in trying to be positive, it feels good to go fast again on the bike again and to pick up speed without worrying about frostbite to the nose and cheeks. The wind actually gives something of a pleasant feeling and the aroma of Fairbanks summer is returning. No more freezing the toes off wearing just a thin pair of socks and tennis shoes. No more 300% effort to go the same distance. No more headlamps for the normal day. No pogies, no studs, no problem!

On another positive note, my summer plans just got exciting. Not only do I have a second visitor (my sister Patty!) coming, but I also scored an awesome field work trip.. as a volunteer. I am more than thrilled to explore new Alaskan territory this summer. And this is my last summer to really screw around without too much hassle of getting time off/figuring out how to pay the bills. The fact that awesome opportunities are still unfolding for my 4th(!) summer in Alaska, makes me happy to have made the choice to be here. The source of adventure and company involved has evolved over the years but it is still available and I think always will be with a little bit of enthusiasm and willingness to try new things.

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Becki said...

Yay! Congrats on the new field work! Where will you be exploring this time?