Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Year of Color

When I was in Anchorage 3 summers ago, my roommates and friends were closer to 24 than they were to my age of barely legal at 21, and I remember thinking how much I wanted to be 24. It seemed like they had their lives together and were just that "perfect age". My definition of perfect age has since been obliterated by all of the really cool 20, 30 and 40-somethings I know now, and now that I'm at that "special" mid-20s age, I've realized it really is just a number. My frame of mind has shifted severely since that first summer, I'd like to think mostly in good ways. The experiences I've encountered in the last year have been many of which I had not pictured, some good and some really crappy. But in the end it has all come back to living and loving and learning and pursuing that peace and happiness which attracts us to where we are,right?The one thing I really noticed when I chose these photos out of my last year as new places, accomplishments, and notable experiences, was how much color there is. And that is just awesome.

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