Friday, May 1, 2009

Up Up and Away!

High today: 76 F (record)
Low today: 37 F (20 degrees in some spots)

Holy cowabunga, the last three days have been in the mid-70s! I had 21 inches of snow still in my yard last week, and now there is still some but it is mostly gone and there is GRASS showing. I moved to this cabin in October so did not know what it looks like under all that snow. It actually looks dark outside very late at night because there is no snow to reflect light off of.
I am working on back-blogging the last week or two. So stay posted for updates. Things have been extremely busy lately with the end of the semester. I sent up my last set of weather balloons last night into this morning and am now on a screwy sleep schedule. Slept all day Friday 1pm to 9:30pm and missed the hot temperatures but still went running (ON DRY TRAIL!) wearing shorts late Friday. So strange since last April 30th it snowed 3.5 inches.. I am itching so badly to get back on the mtn bike.. which looks extremely feasible, at least on the exposed trails. Definitely this next coming week!! Talk about an extremely fast switch to summer! I would not be surprised to see a mini-cold snap in the next month though - and wouldn't mind it to kill off the mosquitoes!

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