Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Two-Way Denali Bus

Well, I've had many many posts from trips in Denali, but this was the first trip in which I took a bus both in AND out of the park. My itching-to-bike legs didn't like taking the bus out, but my overall exhaustion didn't mind it so much. Similar to driving the Parks Highway, the Denali Park road has a memory around almost every corner. "Here's where I saw my first bear".. "Here's where there was a little rock slide just after we biked past".. "Here's where the bunnies were flying left and right every 10 feet".. "Here's where the moose stood 20 feet away".. "this hill is really fun to fly down".. and the list goes on and on. The buses today were only running out to Toklat mile 53, but the weather wasn't cooperating for a view of Denali either. Toklat ended up being a really awesome place to hike at - with miles of riverbed to make a very easy hike out of, and little brush to wack through. There is a peak near there I would like to bag at some point, maybe later this summer. The ideas keep rolling in with so few weekends in a summer.Here's Patty along the Toklat riverbed, in sepia style.
Today was chilly because of a blowing wind, but as far as I'm concerned that just kept the bears away since they could smell our scent. ;) Oh also!! We stopped in the visitor's center at Toklat to find my buddy Alex from last summer, whom I biked the Denali Highway with. It was nice to talk to him for a little bit.. crazy that a year has gone by!
Patty was doing a little dance but I don't remember what for. Pretty funny though. :)Everyone has to get a picture at the park sign. Some awesome random people took this one for us!

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