Sunday, May 3, 2009

Skarland Trail Day 2

High today: 65 F
Low today: 46 F

Everything looks great in this photo except for that AWFUL bike jersey. ;) Just kidding Celine, you know we are only rivals in college football!!! Celine wanted to get her new bike dirty and she knew who to come to.
We rode the entire Skarland trail to find it a very pleasant ride despite a few wet parts and a few snowy parts. I am absolutely shocked at the quickness of winter to summer this year. Last year it seemed to last forever and was a miserable few weeks. This year what an amazing turnaround. Ski one week, bike the next. Not a bad life.
I do wonder where the moose are hiding out. It has been awhile since anyone has seen them...
Celine was a very good sport over the roots in the more technical part of the trail. I could be entertained for awhile doing loops around here over and over again. The Skarland is a very beginner friendly trail, as there are no foot or two foot drops that come out of nowhere as you're hauling down a slope. The roots are all small but plentiful, the climbing is very little and the downhills are not very steep. It's pretty fun, though the proximity to it of home and work is the best part.

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Becki said...

Nice! It was crazy how fast everything melted and now the trees are budding already! I may have to get out there on the trails for a walk or jog soon!