Friday, May 29, 2009

Sister, Sister

A month or so ago, Alaska Airlines had a smashing deal of 30% off all flights to/from Fairbanks if you traveled by a certain date and booked it that day. In a scurry I emailed my relatives and friends who had ever mentioned possibly coming to Alaska someday and got one taker! My sister Patty left her babies for the first time ever to come see me for a few days!! It was very exciting to show a family member around Alaska, even if just for a short time.
Patty still has a rockin' rain jacket from the 90s. I told her it could totally be back in style.. no one would know!

I dragged her up to Angel Rocks all jet-lagged, and down to the Deltas for her first jagged mountain peaks, within a day and a half...
And we played tourist around town a little bit.

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